Ref. 1524 – Untitled

4 000.00

  • Artist : Mehdi Dashti
  • Ref. : 1524
  • Title :  » Untitled « 
  • Date : 2022
  • Technic : acrylic on canvas
  • High 148 cm x Width : 110 cm
  • Framed : oak natural american frame
  • dimensions with frame : 153 cm x 115 cm
  • Weight : 10 kg
  • Edition : unique
  • Signed at the bottom in Farsi  » Dashti « 
  • Gallery Certificate of Authenticity Provided

 » As a member of the community, I have witnessed the general mood of the people in the last few years, and I think people getting sad and frustrated every day, and the signs of this general depression can be seen in their sad and depressed faces. Man’s confrontation with problems that he can’t solve has always been the center of my attention. From the bitter realities of today’s world such as poverty and economic problems to the loneliness of today’s man.

There are many problems in my society, and when I think about them, I wonder what is the reason for these problems in my country and society! In fact, we are in a country with a lot of mineral resources and oil wells, now the question is what is the reason for the poverty of the people in my country and who will be responsible for this injustice? In other words, at the Pink Moon Fair, I’ve tried to show poverty and financial problems and their impact on the people of my community.

In my works, I have shown the contrast between the city and its derivatives, and I consider human beings to be an important part of this city and country, and I believe that the existence of sad and depressed human beings can cause the death of a city or country and even a culture. Evidence of this sadness is the one that is portrayed with closed eyes and regardless of the presence of the audience, and refers to the despair of today’s human beings and the environment around them and the world, and also expresses a kind of protest that There has never been an opportunity to express it.

In fact, the city I am portraying is not alive and dynamic and is static and fixed. These people, their desires and their lives are no longer important to other societies, and in fact, this city and a collection of its people are in darkness. Darkness of poverty and loneliness in today’s world. Also, the houses that are painted with worn walls and silent windows are poverty and suffocation that they have to wear in the form of a cover. A compulsory cover on the body of our homeland. « 

Mehdi Dashti

Born 1981 MA. In Painting shahed university Tehran 2012 Solo painting exhibition Atbin art gallery Tehran. 2019 Solo painting exhibition Seyhoon art gallery Tehran. 2011 Group painting exhibition” Last Time I Saw You” , Atbin art gallery Tehran 2014  Group painting exhibition “ Like Breeze On The Trees” Hena Art gallery Tehran. 2017 Group painting exhibition Seyhoon gallery Tehran.

" In mehdi’s painting the theme revolves around hopeless about his surrounding, he is facing problems he has no answers for suffering with no remedies all has to be faced wth closed eyes without the presence of the audience the worn-out walls and the dark windows resembles the social life thats people once had and now as if its forgotten and the city is not actually alive apparently his lines and finishing and also the flatness of the subjects are depicted from old iranian paintings."

Information complémentaire

Dimensions 7 x 115 x 153 cm